Plato was the first to analyze the importance of music, calling it, ‘the soul of the universe’. Thousands of studies afterwards came to the same conclusion. Music creates wellness. Virtuoso soloists caress the piano keys and create Viennese atmosphere in our patisseries. A feeling so sweet, that manages to accentuate the experience of pleasure.




No product, can surpass the quality of the handmade. Our kitchen is open to the eyes of the customer and reveals our secret. The touching fingertips of our confectioners, which combines natural ingredients we choose carefully from across Greece and the world and brings the sweet taste in our products.



The romance of traditions is the imprint of the first glance of the external space. A picture of something out of Asia Minor states with the aesthetics of authenticity. Within, the food of the optic nerve of the delicious images of our products, creating the first stimulus hedonism brain preparing your other senses, for an experience repeated uniqueness.



The sense with the strongest memory is that of smell. Nobody can forget the smells in grandma’s kitchen, from recipes she brought along from Asia Minor. This sweet nostalgia nested in our patisseries and welcomes guests with intoxicating aromas that spring from the tradition of our ancestors. Few seconds, are enough for a trip in time, back in the age of childhood innocence.



The highlight of experience in the Konstandinidis patisseries is the hedonism of the palate. Vision, hearing, smell and touch have been studied by our staff so as to create the conditions for an experience of pleasure. Its culmination is taste. The fresh cream patisserie, crisp flaky pastry and velvety cream of millefeuille, sends messages of absolute wellness to the brain, bringing the sweetest smile.

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